If you discover that your work or school relationships, personal relationships or parenting ability is being affected by feelings of worry, regret, anger or sadness it may be a good idea to discuss these concerns with a professional. Some people call on us when they just feel that something is wrong or that life is not as rewarding as it should be; in these instances it may be a good idea to consider counseling. We strongly believe in addressing problems as early as possible, so that molehills do not become mountains. Sometimes people seek counseling, not because there is a specific, identifiable problem, but because they are searching for something more. Sometimes people just feel stuck or stagnant and need help in understanding why that might be. Individual counseling can be used as a tool to move us toward personal growth and development.

How to start: A telephone call to our Center could be your first step toward finding help and relief. Call us at (806) 356-0404, we will answer. Even if you call after normal business hours, someone will be available to take your call and pass your request to our daytime staff. Our knowledgeable staff members will work hard to answer the questions you have about scheduling with a counselor.

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